Brian Gollnick, Ph.D.

Director, Latin American Studies
Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Dr. Brian Gollnick is an Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese who also is involved with cultural theory and Comparative Literature. His research has focused on Latin American cultural studies, particularly modern Mexico, with an emphasis on social and literary theory. He also teaches the literary translation workshop in Spanish

His book, Redefining the Lacandón: Subaltern Representations in the Rain Forest of Chiapas, is a study of how indigenous populations in the jungle of southern Mexico have been depicted in a variety of media since the time of the conquest. In other publications he has focused on Mexican culture, Latin American literature, and approaches to Latin American cultural studies. Most of his work and long-term experience abroad has been in Mexico, but his current research relates to political culture in the United States and its engagement with Latin America around the issue of torture.


head shot of  Brian Gollnick
Contact Information

683 Phillips Hall (PH)
Iowa City, IA 52242
United States